Useful Google Chrome extensions that will help you with no cost

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Today we are going to see about the best useful chrome extensions. These extensions will be beneficial in our daily internet usage.

Useful Google Chrome extensions

Grammarly and language tool

Every chrome user should know these extensions because they are trendy. If you don’t know about these extensions, keep reading this article; I will briefly explain them. Grammarly and language tools are used to check to spell and figure out grammatical errors while writing content online.

Most bloggers, content writers, teachers, students, researchers, online writers etc., are using this chrome extension for their online writing purpose. Grammarly offers a free version and a premium version.

An excellent alternative to Grammarly is a language tool extension. It is an open-source Chrome extension. They also offer features similar to Grammarly. The language tool has both a free version and also a premium version. Both extensions are famous and influential. I recommend Grammarly over the language tool extension.

There are many alternatives to Grammarly and language tools. Some of them are pro writing aid, ginger, sapling, white smoke, paper raptor, Reverso etc. Only some of the alternatives mentioned above are available as a chrome extension. I will only suggest Grammarly and language tool extensions because they are more feature-rich and powerful than their alternatives.

Office extensions

There is an official extension for Microsoft office available for the chrome browser. If your pc does not have an office suite, don’t worry; add this extension to your chrome browser. Start creating your document file or PowerPoint slide, or excel sheet directly from your chrome browser. You can also save them in the cloud for future use. I highly recommend this office extension to all students and office workers.

Google translate extension

While browsing on the internet, sometimes you could visit any website in other languages that you don’t know. If you see that language, then you can manage them. If you don’t know any language other than your mother tongue or English, then install this chrome extension in your chrome browser. This translation extension is Google’s product. It is a minimal and efficient chrome extension. 

Pdf friendly

Pdf friendly is one of the most essential and powerful chrome extensions available in the chrome web store. It has a mighty future that converts the webpage of any website directly into pdf format. After installing this chrome extension in your chrome browser, visit any website and click the pdf-friendly extension icon at the top of the browser. Now, this extension starts converting the HTML format of the webpage to direct pdf format. After completion of the conversion process, a pop-up window will appear with a download option button. You can now directly download the pdf of the corresponding webpage. Their extension is free to use, and it is also available for many cms platforms such as WordPress, blogger, Drupal etc.

VPN extensions

There are many free and powerful VPN extensions available for chrome browsing. Some of the VPN extensions are proxy, express VPN, wind scribe, private internet access, cyber ghost, hotspot shield, Hola VPN, zen mate etc. You could visit many websites every day, but some of those websites are blocked by some countries. So you could not be able to see those blocked websites in your web browser. To unblock those websites in-country, you must install any VPN extension on your chrome browser for further browsing. I highly recommend having any one of the VPN extensions in your chrome browser. I will suggest a proxy extension because it is fast and powerful.


Every website you visit will have ads because ads are the primary source of income for those website owners. Limited ads on a website are acceptable, but the whole website flooded only with ads can not be sufficient. Many ads on a website do not give a good user experience.

Some ads like Pop up ads, pop-under ads, native ads, banner ads etc., will annoy the visitors. Due to these types of ads, the user could bounce back. To get rid of those ads, install an adblocker extension in your chrome browser. After installing this chrome extension, no ads will appear on any websites that you visit.

Chrome remote desktop

This chrome extension helps to remote access your desktop or laptop from your android device. First, you should install this extension in your chrome browser. After installing this chrome extension:

  1. Install the chrome remote desktop app on your android device from your Google play store.
  2. Install a chrome small desktop application on your pc or laptop.
  3. Content both devices using the internet and now you can access your desktop screen in your android chrome remote desktop app.

This remote controlling feature helps in various ways, such as you can view and controlling your computer files, opening and closing any application etc.

Image and video downloader

They are not a single extension. There is a separate extension for downloading images and downloading videos. We can’t download any photos and videos on some websites because the website owners disable them. Some websites have one or two which easy to download manually. But In case some websites will have a dozen images or more than that, don’t worry about downloading all images. The image downloader extension will help you bulk download the pictures in a single click. It can download any images of any size and in any format. The bulk downloading feature saves more time, and it is effortless to use.

I hope you like this article; mention your favourite chrome extension that you use daily. Apart from these, there are many useful extensions such as word counter, similar web, screen capture, last pass, Evernote web clipper, eye care, honey, picture in picture extension etc.